About Ummah Tutors

Children learn at their own pace. We evaluate each child and tailor our tutoring techniques to produce the highest results. We guarantee that we'll help your child to catch up or even get ahead.
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What We Offer

Ummah Tutors provides one to one tutoring in the comfort of your home. We match tutors to students based upon your child’s individual learning needs and style of learning.
Our tutors not only know how to get the best out of your child in terms of academic progress but also are role models. We are committed to every child matters and believe that children flourish when their learning is engaging and challenging.


Our tutors love to teach. They are able to able to explain concepts in a variety of ways and continue to develop their teaching skills on a daily basis. We aim to provide a high standard of tutoring consistently and always welcome feedback if at anytime your expectations are not met.

British Values

All tutors are commited to the following:
♦  Encouraging positive behaviour, positive attitudes and supporting learners to take responsibility for their own behaviour
♦  Respect for others values, beliefs and religion, embracing difference
♦  Embedded Equality and Diversity
♦  Identifying and combating discrimination
♦  Importance of the freedom of choice
♦  Importance of supporting learners spiritual, moral, social, cultural development
♦  Importance of learner voice/feedback

Our Approach

Our tutors aim to inspire your child to reach their potential. Tutors are skilled in motivating their students as a result of their own academic achievements.
Tutors ensure that their students are doing their best by informing their planning for sessions by reflecting and marking work. What works for one student may not work for another student therefore tutors through their experience and expertise are able to set individual targets for your child according to your child’s level.
It is important that your child is able to highlight their strengths as well as their areas to develop. Our tutors are great listeners and will help to set targets to ensure your child learns how to learn independently.
It is important that students spend time outside of weekly sessions consolidating what they learn. Your child will be set work to do and we will provide you strategies that you can use to help your child.